About Us

CricXtasy is a digital destination for Cricket, Food and Travel content that is created with an idea of highlighting the close relationship between the three topics that people do not notice often.

CricXtasy focuses at quenching the thirst of every cricket, food and travel enthusiast with unparalleled coverage of the game along with bringing out the most uncommon, rare yet attractive and must visit places to visit and eat around your favourite cricket venue.

All of our editorial, graphic and video teams generate exclusive and original content daily to provide people with something new and unique everyday.

We are proud to serve as a portal where everyone is free to express their opinions, writers and contributors express their unbiased views on the game, everyone is free to access news, commentary and live updates and everyone gets to know about newer places to visit and eat around their favourite cricket venues.

Besides being our profession, this is also our passion. And CricXtasy’s aim is to connect the world with the common love for Cricket food and Travel.