BCCI official responds to Raina suggesting the allowance of non contracted players to play in overseas T20 Leagues


After Suresh Raina suggesting the idea Indian Cricketers not contracted by the BCCI getting to play domestic T20 Leagues around the World, a BCCI official responded to that by saying such views emerge from players who are closing in on retirement and it is absolutely fine to have an opinion. The official stated that they want to maintain the exclusivity of the Indian cricketers and ensure the non contracted players are able to command good value at the IPL.

“One usually finds these views emanating from those who can see the wall of retirement approaching and it’s only natural. That’s their view. It’s the luxury of having the freedom of a tunnel vision with a view to further their own interests and that’s absolutely fine. From the point of view of the board and the interests of Indian cricket, the intent is to ensure a system where the non-contracted players are able to command good value at the IPL auction. Exclusivity is the key,” this was what the official said.

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Earlier, in an Instagram live session with Irfan Pathan, Raina said, “I hope the BCCI can get together with the ICC or with franchises and allow players who don’t have BCCI contracts to play in overseas leagues. I feel there are a lot of players, including Yusuf (Pathan), myself, Robin Uthappa, a lot of quality players who can go overseas and learn a lot, no matter which league it is. Allow us to play in two (overseas) leagues. We aren’t in the BCCI contracts list, some of us don’t have IPL contracts, we aren’t playing international cricket, and the competition in domestic cricket isn’t what it is at the international level. If we can get three months of quality cricket, whether it’s the CPL or the Big Bash (League) or any league, it can help us stay ready.”
Raina continued, “Players from other countries are able to play in these leagues, and a lot of them have made international comebacks after doing well in them. We play the IPL, but if these people (the BCCI selectors) have a pool of 40-50 players, they think those outside it aren’t good enough or are past it, and neglect them. We don’t have a Plan B. If we go overseas and perform, our cricket will improve and we’ll get to learn a lot.”

Pathan also agreed to the same, saying, “There is a different mindset in different countries. Michael Hussey made his debut at the age of 29 for Australia, an Indian player can never make his debut at the age of 30. I think as long as you are fit, you should be available to play for your country. I would suggest that all those players who are 30 years old and they are not on your radar to play international matches, you should allow them to play in foreign leagues.”