Butter Chicken, Spiderman, Lionel Messi and Sachin Tendulkar: Highlights of Shubman Gill’s Q&A session on Twitter


Kolkata Knight Riders middle order batsman and the player of the 2018 U19 World Cup Shubman Gill took to Twitter to interact with his fans and the Twitterati. in general in the form of a question and answer session.
The Fazilka born 20 year old has been touted by experts and current Cricketers as the next big superstar of Indian Cricket. With 372 runs in the 5 times he batted in the 2018 U19 World Cup, averaging a mind boggling 124 runs in the tournament, including a 94 ball 102 against Pakistan in the Semi Final which eventually helped India win the tournament, there is enough reason to be optimistic about the future of Gill.

Gill posted the following tweet on his timeline:
“Hey guys hope everyone is staying safe. Well, I am up for a Q&A session. So all you got to do is ask me your questions using #AskShubman”

Soon enough, the questions started to pour in. While there were plenty of questions, we picked out the ones which Gill answered. Here are all of them:

IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders’ Twitter handle @KKRiders asked:
Can you tell the fans about your experience of batting with Andre Russell? 💜
#AskShubman @RealShubmanGill @Russell12A

Gill: From the non strikers end, it was like watching the highlights on TV.

Twitter user @shivamj1998 asked:
Purpose of life according to you? #AskShubman

Gill: To be able to inspire people to do something good.

@The_BeardMan_ asked:
#AskShubhman How is DK as a captain, and how does SRK sir motivate you before or after a match?

Gill: DK is a really good leader. SRK always supports us no matter if we win or lose. He doesn’t talk much about the match.

@DhruvGR8_2005 asked:
Favourite Indian food??

Gill: It is Butter Chicken.

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Your favourite batsman? #AskShubhman

Gill: Sachin Tendulkar 😎

@srishtipandey27: What is the one food which you miss the most during this lockdown??

Gill: Eggs Benedict

@Cricaddict_18: Your Fav Cartoon character? #AskShubman

Gill: Spiderman

@cricktracker asked: #AskShubman One Non Indian Cricketer You Have Admired the Most?

Gill: It’s Ricky Ponting

@karthik_jammy asked: Who is your best friend in @KKRiders ???

Gill: Nagarkoti and Shivam Mavi

@LoyalSachinFan asked: Who’s your favourite foreign player? #AskShubman

Gill: Ricky Ponting

@anuitis asked: #AskShubhman some retired player you’d have loved batting with?

Gill: The one and only, Sachin Tendulkar.

@Pranjal_one8 asked: What are the things you are missing in this lockdown except cricket?

Gill: I think I will say I miss going out with my friends.

@karthik_jammy, who fielded a lot of questions, asked again: Favorite player in PSG???

Gill: Neymar 😎

@Randhawa_36 asked: Messi or Ronaldo?

Gill: Messi

@iamankitanands asked: Sir , please suggest me any good webseries , you had watched recently ?

Gill: Peaky Blinders

@shivamj1998 asked: if u have super power wat u will do? #AskShubman

Gill: I would like to time travel.

@shivamj1998 asked again: What is the beautiful word your mother always tells you #AskShubman

Gill: She lovingly calls me kaka, which means baby.

@AkshayN005 asked: Did you ever got pranked by your team member. Can you share some interesting story.

Gill shared a funny anecdote: I went to have sushi for the first time with @RishabhPant17, @ishankishan51 and @krunalpandya24. They convinced me that wasabi was a great dessert and I believed them. 😂