Michael Holding

Confusion over Michael Holding’s commentary retirement as Sky Sports head denies it happened


The cricketing universe was shocked by the sudden retirement announcement of Sky Sports commentator and legendary West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding. One of the game’s greatest servicemen, Michael Holding has been working as a broadcaster for over three decades, starting as a radio commentator and then shifting to television broadcast with Sky Sports and also worked with the Supersport team in South Africa.

Despite the news being reported by some top media houses like ESPN Cricinfo and others, there were some people working in close quarters of Holding who denied the reports. Most notable one among all of them, Sky Sports Head of Cricket,  Bryan Henderson, who wrote “It’s not true”, in reply to Cricinfo’s tweet about Holding retirement from commentary.

English fast bowler Stuart Broad had retweeted Bryan Henderson’s response and it seems like the world of cricket had shed some tears for nothing. If the men and women at the helm of Sky Sports are denying the reports with other elite media houses announcing his retirement, one can imagine why the confusion looms large around the horizon.

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Here’s what Bryan Henderson had tweeted.

Michael Holding contemplating retirement for over a year

Popularly referred to as the “Whispering Death”, Holding has been contemplating going through the exit doors for a while. “I am not too sure how much further than 2020 I will be going with commentary. I cannot see myself going much further down the road at my age. I am 66 years old now, I am not 36, 46 or 56,” he had said on a radio talk show in 2020.

“I told [ Sky] that I could not commit to more than a year at a time. If this year gets totally destroyed, I might have to think about 2021 because I can’t just walk away from Sky, a company that has done so much good for me,” he had stated. Holding is yet to respond to any of these reports and the great man’s stance will only be clarified once he speaks about his future himself.