Fans speculate CPL 2021 game being fixed after match footage, untoward change of betting odds


CPL Fixing claims: An alarming change of odds on a betting forum and questionable footage left fans shocked and triggered debates on whether a CPL 2021 encounter played on Sunday (August 29) in St Kitts was fixed or not.

The match under scrutiny is the one played between hosts St Kitts & Nevis Patriots and Guyana Amazon Warriors at the Warner Park in Basseterre.

Some strange activities on the field, which coincided with a massive change in betting odds, has sparked a controversy if the game contested by the two teams had moments that were pre-fixed by some participating individuals.

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CPL 2021

The CPL 2021 match in question was played St Kitts & Nevis Patriots and Guyana Amazon Warriors on Sunday (August 29).

CPL Fixing claim: Fans question if the SKNP versus GAW game in CPL 2021 was fixed

The twist in the game situation coinciding with a massive rejig of the betting odds was detailed in a piece over Reddit by a user named ‘DrKersh’, who explained how Warriors went from massive favourites to sure losers in the matter of a few overs as per the betters, before eventually going on to lose the match.

“Warriors were winning by a lot, the odds were 1.2, that implies about 85% winning chance and means that for every 1 unit you bet, you will get in return 0.2 +1 (0.2 of profits and your 1 bet unit back),” the Reddit user wrote.

“On the over 14/15, some strange things happened and in that very some momenKittsmeone put millions on Kitts to win at odds 6(meaning 1 unit will return you 5+1 on profits), then every bookie closed the game forbidding more bets.”

“The person who was betting millions on Kitts, moved the odds of the market (from the exchange betting house*** with more than 40 millions in bets) from 6 to about 1.3, meaning that suddenly, the team that was losing on DL method and every other metric you can imagine by a lot, was magically the favourite to win, without any changes at all on the game.”

“Then, after multiple millions were put on the team that had an implied percentage victory of about 16%, the Warriors who were the winning team, started on the very next ball to throw wides, conceding sixes, gifting points on fielding, and finally lost the game.”

“***exchange means you bet against other people and the company get a commision on winning bets, but you don’t bet against a company or bookie. betfair is also the biggest exchange in the world and a match like this, can end with 50 or 60 millions euros matched in bets, so no joke the kind of money that moves.”

Here’s a detailed look at how odds changed in the matter of a few decisive overs, as mentioned over Twitter by @marques_decamp

The change in odds took place from the start of the 15th over of the Patriots’ run-chase. Even though they had another seven wickets still in hand, the visitors required over 11 an over, needing a further 67 runs off 36 balls.

This over, delivered by medium-pacer Niall Smith, is especially under the fans’ scanner as it included multiple wides and unusually inaccurate bowling down the leg-side when the field was predominantly off-side.

Some even speculated if the aborted run-up that the bowler had before the start of his over was a signal sent to someone who put his money on the game in bets. Skipper Nicholas Pooran and Shoaib Malik were seen discussing field placements before a change was made, but to no avail as the bowler persisted in bowling down the leg-side to the left-hander.

This was followed by a Mohammad Hafeez over where there were two compelling appeals for caught behind and LBW respectively, with neither given out. Ball tracker later showed the LBW was out.



CPL Fixing claims: change of betting odds tweet that is now taken down

A Twitter user by the account @drmquake was the first one to thread up details of how the betting odds changed suddenly without any change in the game situation, from massively in favour of a GAW win to one suggesting that their defeat is only a foregone conclusion.

Worryingly, this account has now been suspended an with that, the thread itself is gone.

For those who were involved in debates on this, the most suspicious and concerning part was how the odds changed so dramatically despite no change at all in the state of the game.

Was this fixing? Until more reports emerge, we can only speculate.