Cricket Quiz: Can you identify each century from the 2019 Cricket World Cup


The 2019 World Cup in England was an extraordinary one that culminated in an unbelievable final. In this cricket quiz, we test your memory of the centuries in the World Cup 2019 by showing you the opposition and actual score of the player. What you need to do is identify the players who made these centuries. If a player has more than one century in the tournament, you only need to enter his name once. 

Important: Note that you need to either enter full name of the player or his last name alone. For instance, you have to enter ‘Virat Kohli’ or ‘Kohli’. ‘Virat’ alone will not work. Similarly, for players with three separations in their names, like ‘AB de Villiers’, you need to either enter his full name as ‘AB de Villiers’ or last bit alone (‘Villiers’)