Deepak Hooda

IPL 2021: Deepak Hooda in trouble for Instagram Post on Punjab Kings matchday


The Anti-corruption Unit of the BCCI will be looking into the social media activity of Deepak Hooda, which seems to have raised some suspicions among fans and experts. Deepak Hooda was a part of the Punjab Kings unit that suffered a humiliating defeat at the hand of Rajasthan Royals on Tuesday. The Kings needed 10 runs to get in 15 balls at the end and failed to do so courtesy of some poor batting and excellent bowling from the Royals.

However, the manner in which the game panned out was bound to raise questions among fans on social media, with the little history the tournament has with match-fixing scandals. The anti-corruption unit constantly keeps checking for foul play in the tournament to ensure Cricket is being played fair and square. They are currently looking into Deepak Hooda’s Instagram post, which said “Here we go, Punjab Kings”.

Mentioning that there are certain guidelines for the players as far as social media activity is concerned, which includes no talk about the team composition before the game.

This is what Deepak Hooda had posted.

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“ACU will look into this post. Our restrictions are that there shall not be any talk about the composition of the team,” the official said as quoted by ANI.

ANI also quoted an interview from the same official last season, he said, “See, while the number of venues is less, the hurdles of physical movement due to the coronavirus pandemic also means that approaches if any will be made through social media. So, we are going to be closely monitoring the same and ensuring that there is nothing that escapes the team’s eyes.”

Deepak Hooda was dismissed for a duck in the final over

With the Rajasthan Royals dismissing the dangerous Nicholas Pooran, the equation came down to 3 runs to win in 3 deliveries. Deepak Hooda walked in at number 5 and failed to get bat on ball off his first delivery. He edged it to the keeper Sanju Samson off the second delivery, making it even difficult for the Kings at 3 runs to win off the final ball. Fabian Allen missed the last ball and the Royals had won the game by 2 runs.

The Punjab Kings are currently 7th on the table and will face the Delhi Capitals on Saturday.