Dhoni Chakravarthy

WATCH: 12 balls, 3 dismissals – Watch Dhoni getting bowled by Varun thrice in two seasons


Varun Chakravarthy must’ve spent many moments cheering, celebrating and serenading MS Dhoni in the IPL growing up in Chennai. But in the Indian Premier League, he seems to be having a brilliant record against the former Indian captain as he gets rid of him during Kolkata Knight Riders’ group stage against Chennai Super Kings. Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time he got him out.

Varun Chakravarthy now has dismissed MS Dhoni 3 times in 4 opportunities and two of those came across the last two seasons, which were as identical as they could’ve been. Last year in the Indian Premier League, in what was a very similar game to today’s, with CSK chasing 173 runs for a win, Dhoni walked out to bat at number 4.

He was foxed by Chakravarthy’s outrageous incoming delivery and his attempt to smash the ball over leg side failed. His stumps got shattered and Varun Chakravarthy seemed to have provided a big blow at that moment.

Here’s the video of those two dismissals.


Varun Chakravarthy does it again

To do it once would be a passing cloud, twice could be coincidence, but three times can only mean the involvement of supreme skill on the bowler’s part. Chakravarthy was asked to bowl the 18th over, where he was up against MS Dhoni. Dhoni, who was just involved in Suresh Raina’s run-out, was under tremendous pressure to get a big hit or two.

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However, Chakravarthy wan the duel once again. The Indian skipper was once again undone by a sensational wrong-one from the spinner, in what was an action replay of the dismissal from last season. He didn’t just provide that crucial dismissal that over, but also gave just 5 runs and kept his side very much in the contest.

Here’s the video of today’s dismissal


Ravindra Jadeja, just the way he did in the game mentioned above, spoiled what seemed like a certain KKR win with a comprehensive blitzkrieg launched off Prasidh Krishna’s over. Chennai won off the final ball of the game despite Sunil Narine’s brilliant effort to defend 4 runs off the final over.