Dinesh Karthik: Eager to be part of any tough situation to ensure team wins


Noted cricketer Dinesh Karthik on Saturday said he would like to be part of any tough situation that ensures youngsters in a team get the job done and win matches.

“All that I have done is I have not tried anything different. I keep saying (myself) is to win matches. I want to be a part of that situation so that make it easy for youngsters”, Karthik said at the sidelines of an event here.

Karthik and his wife, noted squash player Deepika Pallikkal, were here on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Primal Patterns, founded by Shanker Basu, former strength and conditioning trainer of Indian cricket team.

“…using my experience and my prowess I think it is important that we face all the tough situations and help the team make sure to cross the winning line” the cricketer told reporters.

Asked how being fit helps him in matches, he said fitness has now become a lifestyle, compared to earlier times when it was conducted like a camp.

“Now fitness has become as a lifestyle. People go to the gymnasium even while holidaying”.

Deepika Pallikal said squash was an indivial sport but one still needed a coach, fitness coach, and a psychologist, whereas was different in a team sport like cricket.

“Basu sir is everything. I would call up Anuradha (Primal Patterns management team) for my diet, Suresh sir (Primal Patterns) for my physio. Here (in Primal Patterns) everything for an athlete is taken care of”, he said.

To a query on Indian captain Virat Kohli has scaled his peak in terms of fitness, Basu said “I think there is still more exploring for him to do. We are looking at performance.

In fitness, the sky is the limit.”

“The beauty of Virat Kohli is that he is ever hungry (to learn more, to stay fit)”, he said.

Basu said his dream and vision was to make India a hub for strength and conditioning as developed countries are referred to.

“Earlier people used to say that the U.S., Australia (as fitness hub). I think we (India) have the potential now. It is not rocket science. It is very much possible to become World No 1 in strength and conditioning”, he said.

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