Hardik Pandya: I don’t like when people call MS Dhoni ‘cool’


In an exclusive interview with The Cricket Monthly, Hardik Pandya delves in-depth into his career, growth and rise as a cricketer, including the troubled phase where he was suspended from the national team.

Speaking at length about his bond with former Indian skipper and current mentor for India at the T20 World Cup, MS Dhoni, Hardik says that “Mahi Bhai is a darling”. 

“There are a lot of things I am allowed [with him], which no one else is. We connect well. Maybe he likes the fact that I never treat him like MS Dhoni. And he understands where I come from. He is like, Okay, yeh kar raha hai toh kuch soch ke kar raha hai [If Hardik is doing something, it’s only after he has considered it] type,” Hardik says as revealed by the Cricket Monthly.

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Speaking about his conversations with Dhoni, Hardik says that he does not like it when people call him “cool”. 

“Staying with him, obviously, you learn to be mature, you learn to become humble. I have learned a lot by watching him. He never loses his cool.

Not cool – I don’t like the word, and people calling him Mr Cool does not suit him. For me, he is always stable. When he goes out, people are always going to him with requests for photos and xyz. I have thoroughly copied how he behaves outside. When I go out now, no matter how many people are there, there will always be a big smile on my face.”