India to play 15 Test matches next year


It has been said on numerous occasions by a lot of people, Cricketers and expert analysts alike, that India play too much Cricket, too many bilateral matches. The Indian Cricket team will be affirming to the same next year, as they have been scheduled to play 15 Test matches, home and away, due to the COVID-19 pandemic wiping out a lot of Cricket this year.

The lockdown has been declared across the country as of May 3 as a defense against COVID-19 and all cricket competitions have either been postponed or canceled. International cricket is not played anywhere in the world.

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India begin their 2020-21 Cricket season with a tour to Australia this November to play a 4 Test match series along with 3 One Day Internationals. Then, on January 2021, England visit India for a 5 Test match series, followed by Afghanistan, slated to play 3 One Day Internationals. India are supposed to travel to Sri Lanka for a 3 match T20 series, after which they will travel to England to play another 5 Test match series. Then, on September, South Africa visit India for 3 ODIs and 3 T20s, followed by a visit by New Zealand for 2 Test matches and 3 T20Is. India conclude the year with a tour to South Africa, to play a 3 Test match series and 3 T20Is.

The schedule is given below:

Nov 2020 –Jan 2021
India tour of Australia 2020-21
Matches: 4 Test, 3 ODI
Venue: Australia

Jan – Mar 2021
England tour of India 2021
Matches: 5 Test
Venue: India

March 2021
Afghanistan tour of India 2021
Matches: 3 ODI
Venue: India

July 2021
India tour of Sri Lanka 2021
Matches: 3 T20
Venue: Sri Lanka

Jul – Sep 2021
India tour of England 2021
Matches: 5 Test
Venue: England

Sep – Oct 2021
South Africa tour of India 2021
Matches: 3 ODI and 3 T20
Venue: India

Nov – Dec 2021
New Zealand tour of India 2021
Matches: 2 Test and 3 T20
Venue: India

Dec 2021– Jan 2022
India tour of South Africa 2021-22
Matches: 3 Test and 3 T20
Venue: South Africa

The schedule was probably drafted with the intention of completing the first cycle of the World Test Championship, which commenced two years ago. However, with the travelling and the hectic schedule, there is a good chance of fatigue settling in among the players and multiple injuries being suffered. The BCCI will probably have that in mind as well, so we will have to wait and see if any changes occur in the schedule.