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IPL 2020: RCB vs SRH Game Plan 2 – The Chahal Threat for SRH


RCB vs SRH – The fifty-second match of the IPL 2020 tournament between the teams, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad, could all be about match-ups. We take a look at a key game plan that could play a role in the fifty-second game of the IPL – RCB vs SRH

One of the best wrist spinners in limited-overs cricket at present, Yuzvendra Chahal has almost single-handedly carried the RCB bowling unit for most parts of his IPL career. However, this season he has finally got some support from others as RCB now have an attack that is hunting as a unit. As a result, Chahal’s effectiveness has gone a notch higher this season.

RCB vs SRH: How well has Chahal bowled this season?


Chahal has been particularly effective with deliveries pitched a little wide outside the off-stump, irrespective of the variations. More than 50% of his wickets this season have come off deliveries pitched wide outside off. Unlike Rashid, who has relied a lot on his Googlies and bowled almost half of his deliveries as Googlies, Chahal has trusted his leg-spin more.

The most impressive part, however, is the fact that 58% of his deliveries have been on the good length, which shows the consistency with which Chahal has bowled and the control he has had this season.


Chahal has been effective against both right and left-handers, with a better strike rate against RHB and a better economy against lefties. Clearly, Chahal has been able to negate match-up games by the opposition. Going into the game against SRH, the wrist-spinner will hold the key for RCB in middle overs.

The skipper Warner is arguably the most important batsman in the SRH lineup and getting him out cheaply will turn the game in RCB’s favor to a large extent. What makes it even more exciting for RCB is that Warner, who was not dismissed by any wrist spinner in 2019, has been dismissed 5 times by wrist-spinners this season, which is once every 9.4 balls.

Almost two-third of the deliveries bowled by wrist-spinners to Warner this season have been Googlies and he has averaged just 8 against Googlies. Clearly, a weakness that RCB will look to exploit with Chahal in their side.

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