Gill saved by spidercam

WATCH: Shubman GIll saved by spidercam; catch disallowed after ball hits spidey


In a ridiculous incident in the IPL 2021 final, Kolkata Knight Riders were handed a massive bit of luck in the second innings when their opener Shubman Gill was saved by the spidercam. Looking to sweep Ravindra Jadeja, Shubman Gill got a top edge that went straight up into the air with Ambati Rayudu taking a spectacular catch.

The umpires convened to discuss the dismissal, witjh the commentators assuming they were going for a normal no-ball check after a dismissal. However, Rayudu’s movements that involved losing sight of the ball at the last minute created confusion and replays revealed why that was the case.

Slow motion cameras showed the ball hitting the spidercam before coming down and Rayudu adjusting brilliantly to take a spectacular catch. However, according to playing conditions, the ball hitting an obstacle is a dead ball, regardless of whether the fielder took the catch or not.




In a match where cameras are being used on or over the field of play(e.g. Spyder-cam), should a ball that has been hit by the batsman make contact, while still in play, with the camera, its apparatus or its cable, either umpire shall call and signal ‘dead ball’.

The ball shall not count as one of the over and no runs shall be scored. If the delivery was called a no ball it shall count and the no ball penalty applied, including if appropriate a free hit from the next delivery. No other runs (including penalty runs) apart from the no ball penalty shall be scored.

Should a ball thrown by a fielder make contact with a camera on or over the field of play, its apparatus or its cable, either umpire shall call and signal dead ball. Unless this was already a no-ball or wide, the ball shall count as one of the over. All runs scored to that point shall count, plus the run in progress if the batsmen have already crossed.

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