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When and Where to Watch IPL 2022 retentions live on TV? Live Streaming Details, Date and Time


The IPL 2022 retentions made by the already existing eight franchises will be announced on 30th November.


The next edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) only gets bigger and better, with two new franchises confirmed by the BCCI, who will be based out of Lucknow and Ahmedabad. Private Equity firm “CVC Capital Partners” managed to win the bid for the Ahmedabad franchise for a whopping INR 5,625 crore, whilst former team owners of the IPL, the RPSG Sanjeev Goenka Group, paid a mind-boggling INR 7,090 for the Lucknow franchise.

This major addition to the tournament is set to induce a mega auction, which will see over 80% of the cricketers back under the hammer to find buyers. Ahead of the mega auction, the first major concern for all the new teams will be to decide on the list of players who should be retained.

The existing 8 franchises will have to confirm their list of retentions on 30th November. Plenty of facets will be factored in by the teams before they decide upon their final list, and it seems like there will be a lot of surprise calls. What they do ensure, however, is that the IPL 2022 will be more cracking than ever before and in the coming seasons, the number of games is likely to go up with every passing year.

When and Where to Watch IPL 2022 Retentions Live on TV?

The IPL 2022 retentions made by the existing 8 teams will be announced live on IPL’s broadcasters Star Sports on television, on the 30th November 2021.

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IPL 2022 Retentions Live Streaming Details

The live streaming of the same event for those who cannot access television sets, will be available on Hotstar.

IPL 2022 Retention Rules

It is being rumoured that Shreyas Iyer will not be retained by the Delhi Capitals.

Each of the existing 8 teams will be allowed to retain a maximum of 4 players. The cap for the number of overseas players who can be retained is set at 2.

The amount to be paid for each player will depend on the number of retentions made by the team. If a team retains 4 players, they will shell INR 42 Crore out of their purse with each player getting INR 16 crore, INR 12 crore, INR 8 crore and INR 6 crore respectively, according to the management’s order of preference.

If the team retains 3 players, the first player will be given INR 15 crore, and the next two will be handed contracts worth INR 11 crore and INR 7 crore. If the team retains just 2 players, the first player will be paid INR 14 crore and the second one will be getting INR 10 crore. If only one player is retained, he will be receiving INR 14 crore.

After the retentions by all teams are announced, the two new teams, Ahmedabad and Lucknow, will get to draft 3 players each among the players who will not be retained by the existing teams.