IPL 2022: Retention rules in place for existing franchises; auction purse for all teams set at 90 crores


Existing Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises will be allowed to make a maximum of four retentions ahead of the IPL 2022 and will lose a significant amount from their purse for each of their retentions for what will be an expanded, ten-team event from next year.

Teams will lose a total of INR 42 crores in case they retain a bunch of four individuals from the squad that took part in the IPL 2021. The first player will cost the franchise 16 crores in this scenario, with the rest successively costing INR 12, 8 and 6 crores before the mega auction.

If a franchise opts to keep three of their players with them, they will lose INR 33 crores from their purse before the auction, with Player 1st, 2nd and 3rd taking INR 15, 11 and 7 crores, respectively. In case of two retentions, they will have to shed 24 crores – 14 crores on Player 1 and 10 on Player 2 – before stepping foot in the auction room. Retaining just one player will cost INR 14 crores.

Retention of an uncapped player will be the least expensive. In that scenario, each uncapped player will go for INR 4 crores.

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The BCCI is expected to confirm these details in the coming days before giving each of the existing eight franchises a stipulated time period to identify their retentions, with three mandatory rules in place.

These are: (a) – teams can’t retain more than 3 Indians, whether uncapped or capped (b) – they can’t retain more than two overseas players (c) – in the uncapped category, there can’t be more than two Indian players.

IPL 2022

Existing IPL franchises to be allowed maximum of four retentions ahead of IPL 2022.

What is rule in place for Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises before the IPL 2022 mega auction?

They too have a purse of INR 90 crores up their sleeves but there is a limit set on the number of players they can sign before the mega auction is held.

Reports have been doing the rounds that to ensure a level-playing field for the two new IPL franchises, the BCCI will be allowing them to make prominent signings among players outside the retained pool ahead of the IPL 2022.

With the existing sides already set to keep the best set of 25-30 players with them, the Indian board doesn’t want that the Lucknow and Ahmedabad sides are starting on too much of an unequal footing.

In line with that, the BCCI will be allowing them a maximum of three signings each before the mega auction. If they sign three players, the new teams will lose INR 33 crores from their purse – INR 15, 11 and 7 crores for Player 1, 2 and 3, respectively.

Signing two players will cost them INR 24 crores, with the first player receiving 14 crores and the other getting 10 crores. If only one player is roped in, the franchise loses INR 14 crores. Signing an uncapped player will cost them INR 4 crores.

The rules set for signing players for the two new IPL franchises are as follows: (a) – they can’t sign more than two Indians whether capped or uncapped (b) – they can sign only one overseas player and (c) – they can’t sign more than one uncapped player.


During the signing process, the two new teams are likely to identify and rope in their captaincy candidate and then go ahead building a squad around.

The BCCI recently sold the Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises after a walk-in auction bid process in Dubai. While the RPSG group bought the Lucknow franchise for a whopping sum of INR 7,090 crores, the Ahmedabad franchise went for INR 5,625 crores to CVC Capital Partners.

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