Justice Khokhar to hear appeal from Umar Akmal against 3 year ban


Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokhar, Pakistani independent adjudicator and former Supreme Court judge, has been appointed for Umar Akmal, who appealed against the Pakistan Cricket Board‘s three year ban against him for violating PCB’s anti-corruption code, twice.

The date for the hearing has not been scheduled yet. It is set to be announced by Justice Khokhar soon. Umar Akmal was handed the ban for twice failing to report corrupt approaches ahead of the 2020 edition of the Pakistan Super League. Akmal was provisionally suspended on February 17, 2020, and withdrawn from PSL 2020, before being formally charged by the PCB for breaches of Article 2.4.4 “Failing to disclose to the PCB Vigilance and Security Department (without unnecessary delay) full details of any approaches or invitations received by the Participant to engage in Corrupt Conduct under this Anti-Corruption Code.”

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Akmal initially decide not to contest an appeal, which would have effectively left him having no choice but to accept the sanctions of Justice Chauhan, which would have resulted in a 3 year ban, against which he has now appealed.

In his remarks after the April 27 judgement, Justice Chauhan had said, “It appears that he (Akmal) is not prepared to show remorse and seek apology, make admission that he failed to fulfill his responsibility under Anti-Corruption Code, Article 2.4.4, rather he tried to take refuge under the pretext that in the past whenever any such approaches were made, the matter was reported by him. As far as Charge No.1 is concerned, I do not see any circumstances to mitigate the nature of offence, particularly, when the participant has not cooperated with the PCB Vigilance and Security Department and the investigating team. In view of the admission of the participant that he failed to disclose to PCB Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department, the details of the approaches and invitations extended to him without unnecessary delay. The charge as framed is proved and the participant has rendered himself liable to be punished for breach of Article 2.4.4.”

“The anti-corruption unit regularly holds educational seminars and refresher courses but even then, if some cricketers decide to take the Code in their hands, then this is how things will pan out. I request all professional cricketers to stay away from the menace of corruption and immediately inform relevant authorities as soon as they are approached,” said Lt Col Asif Mahmood, PCB Director of Anti-Corruption and Security.

SOURCE: Cricbuzz