Mohammad Hafeez tested positive for COVID-19 again


As it turns out, Pakistan’s veteran all rounder Mohammad Hafeez has been tested positive for COVID-19 once again, after the Shaukat Khanum Medical Hospital, which tested the players and officials did a retest of the earlier sample they had taken from Hafeez and it again came positive for COVID-19, according to a source at PCB.

After testing positive in the first round of tests conduct by the PCB along with 9 other members of the squad, Hafeez decided to take a second opinion, as he and his family underwent another test at a private medical facility, where, the results showed that he, along with his family, tested negative. Hafeez posted a photo of the report on Twitter as well.

The board was clearly miffed with Hafeez’s actions. The source said, “This is a very intriguing situation for the board. It will be interesting to see what is the result of the second test taken today of the 10 players, who tested positive in the first test earlier this week will come.”

The source further said that if Hafeez again tests positive on Saturday he might face disciplinary action from the board due to the fact that he went out to get a second test done instead of quarantining himself after being tested positive the first time.

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A source close to Hafeez defended his action, insisting that the player was “very disturbed” after his first test came positive and he was obviously concerned for his immediate family.
“That is why he took a second test privately as a precautionary measure he had no intention to embarrass the authorities,” the source said.
If the second tests of the players who earlier tested positive again comes positive, they will miss the flight to England and will be replaced by reserves and will have to undergo a quarantine process.

Former Pakistani opening batsman Aamer Sohail came to Hafeez’s defence by writing the following on his blog for
“The whole Mohammad Hafeez COVID-19 test fiasco has been a matter of embarrassment for Pakistan and I fail to understand how this matter was handled so badly by the PCB. Firstly tests were done after the squad was announced and instead of doing all tests in one laboratory, players were sent to different facilities for tests resulting in conflicting reports. Without jumping the gun, they should have done scrutiny of those results and if needed got them redone to confirm before going public with them. And to expect Mohammad Hafeez to not go public with results of his COVID-19 test when PCB had announced that he had tested positive would be unrealistic as he is not bound by any code of conduct which would be the case if he was a centrally contracted player.”