MPL fantasy

3 tips to keep in mind while making the best MPL fantasy team 


Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming fantasy app that allows users to make a virtual cricket team consisting of 11 players for an upcoming match. The MPL fantasy team must have at least 4 players from each side, with a maximum of seven players from a particular side. The fantasy team is “locked” before the real-life match begins, and the users are given points according to the performance of the cricketers on the field. 

MPL has managed to break through and emerge as the go-to sports fantasy platform in a market that has plenty of competition. Due to its easy withdrawings, high cash prizes and the ease of navigating the app, the MPL fantasy app has found a number of takers. 

However, before making a team and dreaming of earning cash prizes, you should be aware of some tips and tricks that can make your team stand apart from your competitor’s. 

Keep a track of the performance of the players 

The most important point to keep in mind before picking the 11 players for the MPL fantasy team is to check whether the cricketer selected is in good form. Often, you might be tempted to pick a big name in the team even though his recent returns have been below-par. Recent performances and the form against a particular team matters more than a cricketer’s reputation as you will win or lose depending on how he performs in that particular match. 

Pitch and the Weather have to be analyzed beforehand for MPL fantasy team

Some players might be good players of spin, while some might have the worst ever record against the seaming and the swinging deliveries. Hence, it is imperative that you are aware of a cricketer’s strengths and weaknesses, which is developed either by thorough research or by watching matches. Also, the weather plays a crucial role and the weather of the venue where the game will be held should be known.

If there will be heat, the slow will likely be slow and dry and you should pack your side with more spinners than fast bowlers. However, if there will be a slight breeze and the evening gets cooler, there might be dew in the second half of the innings. 

Selecting top-order players or more all-rounders 

The biggest tip is to select players who can contribute in more departments than one. If the player only bats, for example, it is better to select a top-order player, as he will have more deliveries to face and can get you more points than a player who will walk at number six or seven. For example, picking Rohit Sharma is preferred rather than selecting Manish Pandey, as the former will open the innings and have a better chance to score big runs. 

All-rounders, however, should find a presence in your team largely. They can contribute with both bat and ball, and can also earn points for their fielding. Thus, if there is a choice, an in-form Andre Russell will always be a better pick than Steven Smith in a T20 team, as the latter bowls his four overs regularly and can also score runs. Smith, on the other hand, does not even open the innings, which makes him a dicey selection. 

Players such as Quinton de Kock, Jos Buttler or Jonny Bairstow are good picks too in fantasy cricket as they can earn points with the wicket-keeping gloves and they open the innings for their respective sides as well.