WATCH: Bails don’t budge! God’s bails help Namibia qualify to Super 12 in the T20 World Cup


It’s as though Namibia were destined to play the Super 12 of the T20 World Cup 2021. Chasing 126, Namibia had strolled along to 49 after 10 overs with commentators and social media couch analysts constantly discussing the difficulty of scoring in the backend of the innings on sluggish wickets in the UAE.

Notably, Ireland had made just 54 runs off their last 10 overs compared to 71 in their first 10. All that didn’t matter for Namibia, though. The stars were aligned in their favour, one can only assume after the sequence of events that led to their win and promotion to the Super 12.

When Curtis Campher took his second wicket in the day and sent back Namibia opener Zane Green, Namibia had their first opening to force the case and make a strong push to qualify. David Wiese, fresh off bullying Netherlands to a loss, walked in at No.4 and off his fourth and fifth balls pummeled sixes to bring the equation down considerably.

Gerhard Erasmus, meanwhile, had held forte at one end. Craig Young’s 14th over was eventful to say the least. After Wiese smashed two sixes off him, Young had Erasmus clean bowled, or so he thought. The ball had ricocheted off the stumps, but the sturdy bails stood in his way as Ireland looked on in disbelief.



No spike on the UltraEdge, no inside edge. The stumps were hit, but the bails didn’t budge. Namibia didn’t budge. The Gods didn’t budge. History was scripted then and there.

Erasmus went on to make a half-century as Namibia wiped the smiles off Irish fans’ faces.

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