Play crowd noise in Cricket grounds: Jofra Archer


Recently in a BBC podcast, England pacer Jofra Archer suggested in order to create a feeling of having a packed stadium amidst playing Cricket within closed doors, crowd noise can be played with the help of speakers, just the way music is being played in T20 Cricket.

“We play music at cricket. Why can’t we play some crowd simulation? We can play the clapping, play the oohs and the aahs and just try to make it as realistic as possible.”

Last week, pacer Mark Wood said English players would be willing to go into isolation in order to play this summer. When asked about the suggestion, Archer said, “Anything that can help cricket but keep us as safe as possible I am all for.”
The 25 year old World Cup winner added that the ECB won’t take any decision “if everybody is not 100 per cent on board”.

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There will be no cricket in England and Wales until at least 1 July because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To a lot of people’s surprise, when Alison Mitchell asked him who his toughest opponent has been in the last summer, Archer named BJ Watling.
“It wasn’t in the Ashes, it was BJ Watling in New Zealand. Scored a double, batted for two days. It was…. annoying, you know. On that day, I really had no answer. Everyone gave everything they had, but…it was just the batter’s day. I think I bowled 40 Overs, old ball, a lot of overs!”
“It was mentally challenging to keep at it. Bowled with a different ball for the first time. I guess it was a learning curve, to be honest, if I were to be put in that situation again, the outcome might be different. That innings was the longest I’ve spent in a Cricket field.”