India vs England: “It’s Banter At My Expense” – Ravi Shastri On Jokes and Memes About Him

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Ravi Shastri, the Indian team head coach, said he has no issues with the funny memes made about him over the social media.

Shastri said he takes it all as banter and doesn’t mind if people make jokes and get to laugh at his expense.

Never one to mince words, Shastri tends to often trend over social media for his statements, with his pictures used to make some funny memes.


“I would say it’s banter. It’s banter all the way. They do it to have fun. Right, okay, it’s at my expense, I’ll have a laugh. Have a drink on my name. Kya farak padta hai? (how does it matter?),” Shastri said at the presser on Sunday (March 7).

He continued, “Main nimbu pani piyunga (I’ll have a limewater) or I’ll have a milk and honey. Woh thik hai (it’s alright) but you have a drink. So enjoy it. Even if it’s at my expense.”

“When you post those things, kitna log haste hain, khush hote hain (many people laugh and get to be happy). Kitna jan bolte hain dekho Ravi ke baare mein kya aya (many people talk about and share the memes made on me). Enjoy karo na yaar (it’s all there to be enjoyed)

“As long the team does well, I am happy”.

Perform you’ll get the accolades, don’t and you receive criticism: Shastri

Known for the mental toughness from his playing days, Shastri also spoke about handling the pressure of expectations and criticism when the team doesn’t win.

“Criticism is part of what you get with the job,” said Shastri. “There’s so much cricket around, topi bahut jaldi ghumta hai (things change very quickly here).”

“It all revolves around the performance. If you perform, you’ll get the accolades. If you don’t, laat milega (a kick up the back side awaits you).”