Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar: Beyond me how Pant and Samson are IPL captains


Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has batted for the role of “Specialist captains” during a talk show after Qualifier 2 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals. He cited that a great captain can bring unreal results out of an average squad, but if the captain is inexperienced, even great teams can struggle.

Manjrekar pointed that he was surprised with teams opting for youngsters like Rishabh Pant or Sanju Samson as captains. He cited the examples of Eoin Morgan and MS Dhoni, who have not been in the best of form with the bat, but managed to produce brilliant results as a captain with their franchise.

“The two teams that have reached the finals have been led by two seasoned captains – Morgan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I have come to this belief at the moment based on whatever I have seen in the IPL… I just wonder when you are looking at T20 specialist bowlers and batters and all-rounders, I think it’s time for us to also start looking for T20 specialist captains, you know, great T20 captains.

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It’s beyond me how T20 captaincy is given to a young Rishabh Pant, [he’s] still young cricket wise, young Shreyas Iyer or Sanju Samson. I just don’t understand the basis of that call because T20 captaincy is tough, it has a great impact,” Sanjay Manjrekar said.

Dhoni gets the best out of CSK, says Sanjay Manjrekar

The 56-year-old also added that despite visible flaws, MS Dhoni got the best out of CSK and these are the kind of captains IPL teams must look to develop. He believes that their leadership and their tactics will make the difference, which the younger captains might fail to bring in.

The Chennai Super Kings finished 7th last season in the IPL, and their flaws were a bit too riled upon by oppositions. However, with a nearly similar setup, they have done a brilliant job to finish in the top 2 and eventually reached the finals. They are in contention to make it 4 titles for CSK, which will edge them a little closer to Mumbai Indians, who have 5 titles.