‘It’s disgraceful’ – Shane Warne blasts Ravichandran Ashwin for altercation with Eoin Morgan during KKR vs DC IPL 2021 match


Australian spin legend Shane Warne has taken Eoin Morgan’s side in a matter concerning the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) skipper’s verbal altercation with Delhi Capitals (DC) off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on Tuesday (September 28) in IPL 2021.

Warne believes it was “disgraceful” on Ashwin’s part to have first indulged in a heated exchange with the opposition captain and then unleash his anger on him in an animated celebration after getting him dismissed.

Warner denounced Ashwin, indicating he is in strong disagreement with the off-spinner’s conduct, adding that Morgan “had every right to nail him!!!!”.

But why exactly did Shane Warne used the word “disagraceful” for Ravichandran Ashwin?

Shane Warne

Shane Warne made a debatable remark on Ravichandran Ashwin after heated exchange with Eoin Morgan.

The incident is from near the close of the DC innings in Abu Dhabi. As Ravichandran Ashwin fell on the first ball off the 20th over, instead of walking back to the pavillion, he was seen exchanging words with Eoin Morgan, who first said something to him.

The two individuals had a go at each other in evident anger. But before things could go out of control, thankfully, KKR wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik intervened and played “peacemaker”. Karthik made sure that none of the players crossed the line.

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At the time, few understood what exactly led to the Ashwin-Morgan exchange. But following the game’s conclusion, Karthik revealed it was an incident triggered out of a deflected throw and the extra run that Ashwin had stolen off the final ball of the 19th over. Karthik narrated the incident well during a post-match press conference.

“Rahul Tripathi threw the ball, it hit Rishabh Pant, and then ricocheted,” Karthik was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. “And Ashwin called for it and they started to run. I don’t think Morgan appreciates that. I think he’s somebody who, when the ball hits the batsman or the bat, he expects them not to run in the spirit of cricket.”

“Again, it’s a very grey area, it’s a very interesting topic. I have my own opinion on it but at the moment I’ll just say I’m happy I played peacemaker and things have come to a good standstill right now.”

Notably, there is no clause in IPL’s playing conditions that bars a batter from running for the overthrow in case the ball had rebounded off an individual without any deliberate attempt on the player’s part.

While there have been instances where the two batters have refrained from taking advantage of an overthrow if it has deflected off one of them, Ashwin was by law within his rights to go for the extra run since Pant had no intention behind the rebound. However, Morgan took offence at Ashwin’s attempt to go for the run and had words to say to the off-spinner, who then responded in equal measure.

The dust hadn’t even settled on the altercation and now we have had a prominent name giving a contentious opinion on it. The moment Warne’s tweet came to light with the word “disgraceful” used for Ashwin, it was imminent that fans will have a thing or two to say to him about his remark.

Here is how some of them reacted:

Few fans even alluded to the Ben Stokes overthrow incident from the 2019 World Cup final and asked why was Morgan not having an issue with that?

Coming back to Karthik, despite the experienced cricketer playing the “peacemaker” and making sure Ashwin went back to the dugout without any further engagement with Morgan, the two cricketers were involved in another such incident in the game.

In the second half of the innings when Ashwin got his man out nicking through to slips for a duck, the premier off-spinner celebrated very animatedly near the space of the batter while Morgan walked off without uttering a word. Indicating clearly that the matter hadn’t resolved in the first half itself.

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