The past season was a disappointment for me: Kagiso Rabada


South African speedster Kagiso Rabada talked to Cricket South Africa about the previous Cricket season, saying that he felt rusty and out of place the whole time, which was disappointing for him.

“The past season was a disappointment. Even if I look back and I reflect and see that my stats were okay, I just felt really rusty and a bit out of place, but I realise that it was never supposed to be easy, so I’m taking it day by day trying to achieve my new set of goals,” said Rabada.

Rabada went on to discuss his career so far with the Proteas, admitting that time has flown by since he first featured in national colours playing at Adelaide against Australia in November 2014. In a matter of just under a year since then, he became a regular member of the team, and has not looked back since.

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Rabada, who is 3 wickets away from taking 200 Test wickets in 43 Test matches, contemplated, “I feel that this five years has really gone by very quickly. There’s been a huge amount of cricket that was played. I’m just really glad that I can get a rest, not in the way that it has come, but it’s been good and I’ve really enjoyed my time off. It has allowed me to think about what I really want and it does make it easier to set goals.”

Rabada has often been criticised for his over- exuberance and feisty attitude on the field. He said he does not read much into what people say and will continue to strive to be the best that he can possibly be.

“I just think it’s passion (not a repeat of mistakes). Everyone has their own opinion, which they are entitled to. I’ve identified things that I needed to identify and I will address them with the people that are closest to me and who I feel will be helping me address it. I just feel that in life, everyone will criticise you in some way or the other. I think it’s important that you do not take what they say to heart. You’ll always have critics and not everyone will agree with what you do but as long as you are true to yourself, that’s the most important thing because then you can grow, but what others say about you should not affect you at all,” Rabada concluded.