There is no better fielder than Ravindra Jadeja in world Cricket at the moment: Gautam Gambhir


Gautam Gambhir, former Indian opening batsman, has lauded Ravindra Jadeja for his fielding, terming him as the best fielder in the world.

Speaking on Star Sports show, Cricket Connected, Gambhir explained why Jadeja is the best fielder in world cricket. He said, “I think, in world cricket, there is no better fielder than Jadeja, an overall fielder. Maybe he doesn’t field at slip and gully, but no one is better than him in throwing. No one covers the outfield like him. Put him at point or cover, you can get him to field anywhere. No one has a safer pair of hands than him. Ravindra Jadeja, probably is the best fielder in world cricket.”

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Former South African Cricketer Jonty Rhodes also rated Jadeja among the best fielders in the world a few days ago, saying that the Indian spin bowling all rounder has great commitment and anticipation skill. In a chat with Suresh Raina on Instagram, Rhodes said, “Jaddu has taken some fantastic catches. The key is he is very committed. He is very good at anticipating the ball also.”

Asked to name the best fielders in the world at the moment, 50 year old Rhodes, who had the capability of winning matches for his team only with his fielding, said, “I love to watch AB (de Villiers) batting or fielding. (Martin) Guptill is there. Jaddu. Also, Michael Bevan, he had excellent speed. Also Jaddu has great speed on the field.”