Twitter hero Rob Moody a.k.a @robelinda2 wins copyright fight


If you are on Twitter as a cricket fan, it is unlikely that you don’t follow @robelinda2. With immeasurable old videos in his database, Rob Moody (or @robelinda) has kept cricket fans engaged and entertained for quite a while. During the lockdown period, he has even catered to individual video requests, enthralling fans who have been deprived of watching footages from old matches. 

On Tuesday morning, however, he was sent a copyright violation notice by Cricket Australia/Copyright Integrity International, asking him to take down all videos he has uploaded and to refrain from posting more. This, despite him doing all this work for no fee. 



Immense support followed for Moody with several fans, including internaional players and Australia cricket captain, Aaron Finch, himself voicing support. 


There were even requests to Cricket Australia to employ him.


The very kind Geoff Lemon enquired with Cricket Australia head, Earl Eddings, who wasn’t aware of the same and promised to look into it. It was apparently the copyright enforcement firm that made the moves without Cricket Australia’s awareness.


Soon enough, Cricket Australia had moved the notice against Moody, and put out an official statement that the copyright claims were retracted and that it was made in error.



 “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi