Warner clubs Hafeez for a two-boucne six in the T20 World Cup 2021 semi finals

WATCH: Warner clubs two-bounce ball from Hafeez for massive six from outside pitch


Australia’s run chase in the semi-finals against Pakistan began in the most incredible fashion with Shaheen Shah Afridi delivering a crunching first over that could easily walk into the best moments from this tournament. However, it turned out to be second-best on the night even thanks to David Warner’s excellent awareness off a near-dead ball.

In the 8th over of the Australian innings, Hafeez lost grip on the ball first up coming from around the wicket. The ball slipped out of his hands and pitched near his own end before pitching again closer to Warner. 

While most batters would have let it go as a dead ball, Warner stepped out proactively, converted it into a two-bounce loosened and clubbed it from outside the leg-side pitch strip, off the grass, and onto the second tier for a massive 87m six.

WATCH Warner’s incredible six off a two-bounce ball from Hafeez


According to the laws:

21.7 Ball bouncing more than once, rolling along the ground or pitching off the pitch

The umpire shall call and signal No ball if a ball which he/she considers to have been delivered, without having previously touched bat or person of the striker,

– bounces more than once or rolls along the ground before it reaches the popping crease 


– pitches wholly or partially off the pitch as defined in Law 6.1 (Area of pitch) before it reaches the line of the striker’s wicket.  When a non-turf pitch is being used, this will apply to any ball that wholly or partially pitches off the artificial surface.