WATCH: Pole vaulter stuck on rope just outside boundary rope in Victoria Premier League game


A Pole vaulter got stuck on a rope in a hilarious incident that took place at the sidelines of an Australian grade cricket match.

A funny clip from the mishap was posted by The Grade Cricketer on Wednesday (January 12) where this Pole vaulter was seen trying to go through a drill across the rope but got twisted and stuck with it.

The incident is from a Victoria Premier League cricket game where Melbourne University Cricket Club were facing Footscray Cricket Club.

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Pole vaulter gets stuck on rope during a grade match in Australia

Pole vaulter

A Pole vaulter got his thing absolutely wrong at the sidelines of a grade cricket match in Australia.

The clip from the funny accident shared by The Grade Cricket went viral over twitter the moment it came to light as fans couldn’t help but erupt in laughter and share their funny reactions to the incident.

The vaulter was about to do his usual flick and roll across the rope but as his Pole got stuck on the turf, he couldn’t get a raise as high as he had expected and fell badly on the rope.

The vaulter was doing his thing just outside the playing arena for the MUCC versus FCC Super Slam game.

Here is how multiple fans reacted to the Pole vaulter incident over Twitter:


Grade cricket is mighty popular in Australia and plays a vital part in cricketers’ journey from the grassroots through to the senior state level domestic game and from there to the international stage.

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