WATCH: The most incredible dot ball ever; batter does a 360° at the crease in ECS Croatia game


A recent match in the European Cricket Series (ECS) Croatia 2021 saw one of the most bizarre incidents on a cricket field. A batter played the most strange-looking dot ball when he ended up hitting with a cross bat despite shaping up to leave a bouncer.

The batter involved was Nikola Davidovic of the team Sir Oliver Split who were playing Split India Brodosplit in Croatia. As Dovidovic received a short ball from Brodosplit’s pacer Mohan Karanam, he initially anticipated the ball to get too big on him from the straight and began shaping up to leave it on the bounce.

Bringing his hands down in anticipation of the short ball, Davidovic had the shock of life as the delivery from Karanam had nowhere near the speed and height that he had thought. The ball instead lost its direction and speed and kept going down with the angle to the leg-side.

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ECS 2021

A funny shot and dot ball from a recent ECS 2021 game.

Another bizarre incident in ECS 2021

But the ball was still close enough for the batter to react weirdly as he so much committed to a leave that he couldn’t change his stroke even when he realised that he could nudge it across the on-side.

So to try and fetch something out of the ball, he quite astonishingly turned 360 degrees with his bat still horizontally held along his waist and swarted it away from the backside.

Because there was no power behind the stroke, the Brodosplit wicketkeeper quickly collected the ball from near the edge of the surface and Davidovic got no run for his funny effort.

Immediately after the batter played his hilarious stroke, the commentators erupted in a burst of uncontrolled laughter, one of them rightfully calling it “the best dot ball I have ever seen in cricket history”.

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