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WATCH: Ridiculous three-person tag team catch effort in Marsh Cup gains attention, but it’s a series of brain fades


A fielding effort from Marsh Cup has grabbed the limelight where three individuals combined to try and execute a caught dismissal near the boundary ropes before things fell apart. The effort was on display during Wednesday’s (October 23) Marsh Cup Australian domestic List A encounter between Queensland and South Australia.

The last ball of the 37th over in Queensland innings saw their lower-order batter Michael Neser hit South Australia pacer Brendan Doggett towards the mid-wicket boundary rope on the full.

However, just when Neser would’ve hoped to have secured a comfortable six, he saw as many as three SA fielders circling around to try and take the catch or at least ensure the opposition gets no maximum.

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Marsh Cup

A Marsh Cup encounter saw a funny three-man fielding effort.

A rare and funny three-way no-catch near the ropes in Marsh Cup

Neser would’ve had his heart in the mouth when he saw three South Australia fielders trying to collect the ball and complete the catch. But as it turned out, they made a mess of it and not only allowed the batter a reprieve but also gave Queensland a six.

Initially, the first fielder took the catch just shy of the ropes. But recognising that the momentum will take him past the boundary line, he tried to tap the ball back. However, this fielder’s attempt went horribly wrong as though the ball lob up in the air, it did so inside the area behind the ropes.

Then the second fielder came into the act and managed to tap the ball back to another fielder who was closing in on the boundary to take a rebound. But even though this third fielder take the rebound, he almost casually stepped to the other side and made it a six.

At first glance, the third fielder’s attempt comes across as culpable as he seems to have almost forgotten that he isn’t supposed to cross the rope. But a closer look at the replays relieved this person of the guilt because he had realised that the six was already conceded by the other two fielders and refused to make a fuss about his grab.

In fact, the six was completed when the first fielder made his attempt. When this individual completed the catch and tried to throw the ball back, he had stepped on the ropes with the ball held in his hands. That completed the six for Queensland.

But perhaps the funniest attempt was that of the second fielder, who made his rebound towards the third fielder after taking a step well inside the boundary ropes. A fielder is not allowed as per ICC laws to make first contact with the ball while standing inside the ropes in order to have executed a catch.

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