Workload management key to success for Indian pacers: Bharath Arun


Bharath Arun, the bowling coach of the Indian Cricket team, recently elaborated on how proper management of workload from the Indian fast bowlers have been the reason they have been able to bowl at speeds of over 140 kmph consistently.

In the third episode of Inside Out, hosted by Woorkeri Raman, former left handed Indian opening batsman and currently the coach of the Indian Women’s Cricket team, Arun said, “When we talk about workload management, we are looking at the number of overs a bowler has bowled. But then a bowler can over-exert himself in a game and that is not under your control. So we use the GPS tracker to monitor all his movements on the field. For example, a bowler runs around 20 km on the field. And the tracker gives us a lot of data and information about the bowler concerned. By analysing those data, you can manage the workload at training sessions. Basically, you need to find the right balance. And the Indian bowlers have managed to do that so far. This is the reason why we are successful as a bowling unit and the bowlers can bowl at 140 kmph regularly.”

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Earlier this month, Arun had said that the time required for the fast bowlers to be match fit would be at least six to eight weeks for pacers.

Speaking to Fancode in an episode of Lockdown But Not Out, Arun said, “It’d take us at least 6-8 weeks for us to play international matches, whereby we’d be first working on the skill, and fitness in the camps and then we’ll progress onto match simulations, and hopefully the BCCI can organise a tournament just before we play the international matches, that would be great for us. I’m not worried about the bowlers because they’ve had ample time in the last 2 months, to work on strength and their fitness. Very rarely does an international cricketer, especially our bowlers, would get this kind of time to work on their fitness. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to get over the little niggles, that they may have got over the long season.”

Arun also talked about the heartbreaking defeat in the semi final of the 2019 World Cup to New Zealand in the conversation with Fancode. He said, “Yes, the World Cup loss still hurts us, it’s still hurting us and we’ll probably go all out to see that we leave no stone unturned in our preparation to make sure that we do exceptionally well in the World Cup. To win a World Cup, I think we need to really plan well and how far we execute our plan.”