WATCH: Shaheen Afridi loses cool, hits striker with throw on followthrough


Pakistan’s young speedster Shaheen Afridi got angry and ended up hitting the batter with an unnecessary throw at the striker’s end. The incident happened during the second T20I in Dhaka against Bangladesh on Saturday (November 20).

Shaheen bowled a full-pitched ball to left-hander Afif Hossain on the third ball of the third over in the Bangladesh innings. The batter could not get underneath the ball and could only punch it back to the bowler.

But in a split-second, for reasons only known to him, the left-arm quick took a turn and threw the ball towards Afif, hitting him on his legs as he took evasive action and tried to avoid the throw from contacting his body. Afif collapsed on the turf immediately whilst Shaheen apologised to him and he and the rest of the Pakistan team circled around the batter to check if he is alright.

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Shaheen Afridi

A throw from Shaheen Afridi hurts Bangladesh’s Afif Hossain.

But what exactly triggered such a needless throw from Shaheen Afridi?

Presumably, it’s the six that Afif Hossain had hit off the previous ball. The left-hand batter hit Shaheen Afridi for a maximum after receiving a rare loose ball from the usually threatening pacer.

As Afif flicked against a leg-stump half volley and took a six out of it, Shaheen got angry at himself, more than anyone else, for delivering such a hit-me ball.

But disappointingly, he unleashed his wrath on the batter as he threw the ball back at him when he was making no attempt to step outside his crease and go for a run.

Because the ball hit Afif on the lower part of his back leg, it took him some time to overcome the pain. The batter tried to get up but limped off a few steps before again falling down on the turf.

Thankfully the Bangladesh physios attended him immediately and allowed him to resume his innings with a bit of a breather.

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